Marmite memesREUTERS / TWITTER

Twitter users have sent up the Marmite shortage with a series of hilarious memes

amid a row over pricing.

Unilever has demanded that the supermarket chain pay a 10 per cent price hike as a result of Brexit and the falling pound.

While households across the nation rush to stock up on supplies of Marmite, Ben & Jerry’s and Persil, internet jokers were quick to poke fun at the stand off.

Marmite Sam Allardyce memeTWITTER

Sam Allardyce’s England controversy was spoofed in one meme

Lily Allen Marmite memeTWITTER

Lily Allen was pictured apologising for the nation

Marmite memeTWITTER

Marmite fans poked fun at reports that Unilever are holding Tesco to ransom

The former England manager Sam Allardyce was imagined negotiating a deal for the sticky brown spread, spoofing the recent controversy that led to his resignation.

Another meme featured popstar Lily Allen saying sorry for the saga, just days after she caused outrage by

Marmite memeTWITTER

Characters from classic comedy Only Fools and Horses were parodied

Indiana Jones Marmite memeTWITTER

Another joke featured Indiana Jones searching for treasured Marmite

Vegemite tweetTWITTER

Rival spread Vegemite joined in with the fun

Classic characters from Only Fools and Horses and Indiana Jones were also parodied in viral posts, which were shared with the hashtag #marmitegate.

The official account for rival spread Vegemite also got in on the act and tweeted at fellow competitor Bovril: “This is our moment”.