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Europe has a long tradition of public service broadcasting. Across the continent, local channels and networks produce news, drama and factual programming aimed squarely at local audiences. 

But is that programming under threat? Leading television figures think so, pointing to the spending might of the likes of Netflix, Amazon, Apple and Facebook. 

“The growth and dominance of these companies is a threat to our entire media ecosystem,” said Noel Curran, director-general of the European Broadcasting Union, which represents PSBs. “Everybody in European media needs to ask: where are we going to be in five to 10 years?”

In Britain, programming delivered via broadband and made available on-demand has shaken television’s hierarchy, under which PSBs were the first ports of call on a television’s remote control and were easily regulated. “What we have taken for granted as critical to the health of UK television is coming under serious threat,” said Jonathan Thompson, chief executive of Digital UK, which is owned by the BBC, ITV and Arqiva, the company that owns and operates the national transmitter network.

How bleak is the (television) picture? Click here to read more. 

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Failure to launch Shares in Rocket Internet fell sharply on Thursday, after the Berlin-based tech investor said it would take longer than planned for some its key portfolio companies to swing into profit.

Alibaba in the money Investors swooped on Alibaba’s $7bn bond sale, with subscriptions reaching $41bn, according to two people familiar with the sale.

Cross-channel tech war French start-ups have closed the most funding deals in Europe for the first time in five years and Germany has become the top destination for developers, as the countries begin to encroach on the UK tech sector’s leading position following the decision to quit the EU.

Spy hunt Uber said that the former employee who made explosive allegations about its spy unit was a disgruntled manager who was making “extortionate demands” when he raised concerns through a lawyer.


“News publishers have to get better at making money outside of advertising.” How media organisations can survive the ad apocalypse. (The Atlantic) 

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